Air cleaning. Building Protection

Recently, more attention is paid to quality and safety of indoor air pollution. Since we are in a room of 70-90% of the time, the maintenance of clean air just need for our health and well being.

Threat of diseases such as SARS, tuberculosis and Legionnaires make us serious about diseases transmitted by airborne droplets and other hazardous biological and chemical infections. LIFA company offers a comprehensive approach to effectively control the purity of air.

The latest company developments are the filters LIFA LIFA 3G and LIFA High Security. These advanced high-efficiency filters to destroy both solid and gaseous pollutants from the air, without requiring a redesign of the room. Their unique design features high efficiency.

LIFA 3G Filter

LIFA High Security Filter
Lifa 3G Filter is designed to maintain healthy indoor air, by the destruction of pollutants in the air from the living to the inherent urban environment, such as fine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds and unpleasant odors. It provides increased protection from the biologically active particles and chemical agents with a low partial pressure.

* Efficiency of spam filtering:
*> 99,5% for particles of 0.1 microns
*> 95% for gaseous pollutants
* Low energy consumption
* Warranty 12 months

Lifa High Security system is specifically designed to protect against chemical and biological agents.

* Efficiency of spam filtering:
*> 99.99% for particles of 0.1 microns
* High efficiency filtration for gases:> 99,5%
* Equipped with a tested and tested by ultraviolet radiation
* Filter LIFA 3G acts as a preliminary to extending the service life of carbon filter
* The adsorption charcoal filters can be built to protect against various gaseous pollutants

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