Vacuum installations

HepaClean represent installations for cleaning of systems of ventilation, and also for construction and recovery work.

Installations are designed to clean the air from dust, asbestos, quartz, sawdust, mineral wool, as well as microorganisms, mold, fungal spores, etc. They are compact and quiet, which allows them to be used in small and limited spaces. They are reliable and easy to operate.

Installations are equipped with powerful engines and durable HEPA filters, which allows them to achieve high efficiency. Engines are able to withstand the influence of the environment, therefore, the service life of the filters remains long without pressure loss by installations. The corrugation connecting the vacuum unit to the air duct is equipped with additional adapters.

In cases when it is impossible to bring dirty air out and the highest degree of purification is required (for example, in hospitals), all installations can be equipped with HEPA filters. It is also possible to use two boxes with HEPA filters, which are interconnected by means of an adapter, which allows you to create a more powerful vacuum flow. This method was tested during asbestos removal.

Lifa Air, together with the Finnish Technical Research Center (Technical Research Center), has developed a method by which each section of the ventilation system is tested for tightness (see figure below).

Leak test method

The developed method allows us to estimate the tightness of the ventilation system as a whole, and in a few minutes to determine the air flow rate, filtration efficiency and the place of possible air leakage.

“Aerosol” generator with a constant speed produces special particles. The concentration of particles in the control area of ​​the ventilation system is measured by means of an optical meter. The method allows to estimate the ventilation systems with air flow rate of 400-5000 m3 / h. This method is constantly used when working on asbestos removal.


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