The Lifa Dry & Clean installation is designed to remove moisture (drainage) and air purification.


Lifa Dry & Clean features:

· Removal of water (moisture) from the air

· Removing solid particles from the air

· Removal of gaseous impurities from the air

Using Lifa Dry & Clean:

· Removal of damage associated with water, mold, drainage of premises

· Monitoring of humidity, dust and emissions at a new construction site

· Air pollution control at the workstation

· First aid for damage from moisture

· Cleaning and drying air on the lower floors of buildings

Multifunctional air purification system Lifa Dry & Clean is designed specifically for drying, filtering and maintaining air leakage during the reconstruction of buildings damaged by water and mildew.

Lifa Dry & Clean – A versatile machine for drying and cleaning air after reconstruction. When using such a machine, people are not exposed to harmful substances during work. Air purification using conventional filters (HEPA) is not sufficient, because the moisture quickly destroys the filters. Lifa Dry & Clean solves this problem by drying air before filtration.

Increasing pathogenic microorganisms during dismantling of buildings is a significant threat to health. When using the Lifa Dry & Clean multifunction system, this problem is completely eliminated.

The installation removes moisture from the air and surfaces. At the same time, using HEPA filter (= microfilter), it removes solid particles from the air, such as mold spores, asbestos fiber. Also, the machine removes gaseous impurities, such as mold poisons, separation from building materials. The car was tested. The machine holds more than 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 mm. The machine meets the requirements for use in works with asbestos, is also well suited for moisture, dust and emissions control at new workstations. Can be used as first aid for damages from water for drying and cleaning of air prior to reconstruction.

Installation Lifa Dry & Clean is effectively used for cleaning and drying the air of lower floors of buildings (basements). Dry & Clean can be installed on the lower floors of buildings for moisture control, temporarily or permanently.

The machine is equipped with various filters for work.

The principle of the machine: the machine removes moisture and purifies the air. The moisture removal section operates on the principle of condensation. For this purpose, an environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A is used.

The air directed by the fan passes through the pre-clean filter, the evaporator, and then enters the condenser. The air is cooled below the condensation temperature in a cold evaporator. Water, evaporating from the air, condenses on the surface of the evaporator walls and flows into the tray. The machine is equipped with a pump that pumps out the accumulated water. In the case of the formation of froth (icing) on ​​the walls of the evaporator, automatic defrosting is activated.

The air temperature inside the system becomes above room temperature at 3-5º C. From the air condenser it passes through the HEPA filter (= microfilter), which holds solid particles, as well as through a filter with activated carbon to remove gaseous impurities.

After filtration and drying, clean air goes outside with a fan. Flexible pipeline (corrugating) of the purification system can be installed next to the site of work. Hazardous substances that are formed during work, fall directly into the purification system before they can spread throughout the construction site.

With the help of the corrugated dirty air can be deduced far beyond the construction site.

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