Lifa HS 3G Filter

The Lifa HighSecurityFilter system is specifically designed to protect  against microorganisms and chemicals.  

Multi-stage filtering is done using the 3G filter, which removes most solid particles and gaseous pollutants. Then the dirty air passes through a ULPA filter (low permeability filter) that holds out the smallest particles: solid, liquid, and also radioactive. Ultraviolet radiation is used to kill bacteria. Then, the air flow passes through an activated charcoal filter that absorbs gases by physical and chemical influences. The centrifugal fan recovers the pressure that falls due to ULPA and absorbent filters. The Lifa3G filter is a pre-clean filter to reduce the contamination of the ULPA filter and load the NBC filter so that it can be continuously cleaned.


product Name Lifa HS M 3G 450 Lifa HS K 3G 450
Dimensions (external) mm 550 * 750 * 1050 550 * 550 * 1500
Completing details
Filters preliminary treatment EU 3 EU 3
Ultraviolet radiation 50 mW / cm2 70 mW / cm2
Charger 10 W. 20W
High-voltage 6-10 kV 6-10 kV
Bag filter 3G mm particle / activated carbon 450 * 450 * 293 particle / activated carbon

450 * 450 * 400

Fan 0,225 kV 2,700 1 / min
Bag filter 3G mm particle / activated carbon

450 * 450 * 93

particle / activated carbon

450 * 450 * 200

2. Filter mm NBC 450 * 450 * 200 NBC 450 * 450 * 200
Technical information
Airflow 200 l / s (app.) 400 l / s (app.)
720 m3/ h 1440 m3/ h
424 CFM 848 CFM
Filtering particle / gas 99.99% / 99.99% 99.99% / 99.99%
Corps handcart sealed enclosure


  • The body is equipped with a fixed blade (model k) or wheels (model m)
  • The system can be installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system or separately to filter and air circulation indoors.
  • System (model k) can work simultaneously with a ventilation system as an integrated part of the ventilation system, and separately as filtration systems and air circulation in the room.
  • Prefilter absent if the system is installed as part of the ventilation system.
  • The system is equipped with its own fan in each compartment.
  • The system runs on electricity.
  • The system is also equipped with a carbon filter NBC.
  • Quality of filtration is measured in particles (> 0.1 mm) and gases.
  • Ultraviolet radiation can be installed as optional equipment.
  • Systems by EMC.
  • If the system is equipped with ultraviolet light at the end of the product name will be added to letters UV.


Filtration of solids

Current standard filtering microorganisms from the air stream is a high-performance air filter HEPA. This filter is also used in military and nuclear industry. As a HEPA filter cleaning system set up carbon filter to remove not only microorganisms and solid aerosols but also liquid aerosols. It also protects from atmospheric carbon filter dust.

Minimum filtration HEPA filters as a percentage – 99.97% 0.3 micrometer (micron) size of the particles. Thanks to the efficiency and ULPA filters 3G, efficiency filter LifaHighSecuritysche above – 99.9999% + 0.3 micron.

Filter High Security mobile command tent in the military

Filtering the gas phase

Filter standard chemicals made through a dense layer of activated, impregnated carbon granules. Carbon filter uses two different processes to remove molecules from the air, such as: physical adsorption and chemical reaction.

Testing of carbon filter

Working activated carbon LifaHighSecurityprotyboyovyh toxic substances tested, for example, using the following gases:

  • Chloropicrin for the physical adsorption (nerve gas)
  • Cyanogen chloride for chemical adsorption

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