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AirClean 8000

The AirClean 8000 is the modern and most powerful vacuum cleaning plant of the Lifa family.

Maximum air flow without filters 6200 m3 / h
For cleaning the ventilation ducts, collecting dust
For air purification using EU 7-8 filter
To clean the air using two HEPA filters
To create a vacuum in the working compartment
Three-phase power supply, 380-400 V 16 A, 4 kW engine
Wide range of filters and accessories included
Transport wheels to facilitate movement
The multifunctional Lifa AirClean 8000 unit is ideal for jobs that require powerful airflow, as well as for cleaning long ventilation ducts. It is able to create air flow, comparable in strength to the “force of the storm” within 18-22m / s, which ensures complete cleaning of dirt.

AirClean 8000 is also suitable for work in rooms where there is dry air, which contains asbestos, mold, quartz and wood dust.

Lifa AirClean 8000 is powered by three-phase voltage with Lifa filters. Maximum air flow without filters 6200 m3 / h.

All installations of Lifa AirClean 8000 have been tested. Application AirClean 8000 is very convenient for removing even fine stone dust from the air. When using the Hepa filter air circulation can occur many times and does not require the intake from the outside. High air purification is carried out – about 99.97% of particles 0.3 nm in size are retained. Therefore, this machine can be effectively used when working with asbestos. When using a micro filter, a pocket filter is used as a pre-filter. The pre-filter is located in the compartment of the Lifa PreBox pocket filter, which is offered as an accessory.

The machine is equipped with various types of filters. The diameter of the Air Clean 8000 suction port is 500 mm. The adapter for the AC8000 is an optional accessory and reduces the size of the hole to 315 mm. Flexible hose (corrugation) D 305 mm can be attached to the adapter and connected to the hatch of the ventilation channel. When cleaning the ventilation ducts, pollutants are sucked directly into the pocket filter. On the air outlet side, the machine is equipped with an adapter with which a plastic pipe can be attached, which leads the air out of the working area.

Despite its large size, the AirClean 8000 can be easily delivered to the work site, as it is equipped with wheels with locking locks and handles. Lifa AirClean 8000 is equipped with sliding beams with which it can be easily placed in a van. Also, the machine is equipped with wheels so that it can be transported in a horizontal position.

Tripod Lifa Telescopic is an optional accessory. It allows you to attach the corrugation to the ventilation hatch. The telescopic strut clamp holds the corrugation during the work.

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