Special cleaning equipment

New method – dry cleaning:

Suitable for cleaning all types of fat
Low cost of equipment
Low operating costs
No leakage at the pipe duct locations during and after cleaning
Multipurpose machines are suitable for other types of work to clean ventilation



Equipment for adsorbent spraying 

Machine for cleaning of ventilation and air supply:
– LIFA Special Cleaner 30 Multi
– LIFA CombiClean 40
Spray nozzle for adsorbents
Special 10mm hose with machine nozzle




Equipment for the collection of spent adsorbents 

Vacuum set with a set of filters:
– LIFA HepaClean 2500
– LIFA HepaClean 4000
Cyclone (2 types) with a 120-liter plastic bag inside for collection of remote fat and other contaminants
Cutoff (adaptation for a vacuum system that directs air flow)
5-meter flexible suction sleeve – 2 pcs.
T-shaped adapter





High degree of purification
Removing unpleasant smells
Ability to work in a closed room

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