Lifa Air Filters

The LIFA 3G and LIFA High Security filters effectively clean the air from polluting substances. Figure 1 shows how easily polluting substances can be spread over buildings that are not protected by cleaning technology (a) and how effective Lifa filters prevent their propagation (b).

Filter installation

Lifa 3GFilters and LifaHighSecurity filters are easily installed in the main air ducts without requiring significant changes in the ventilation system. They can also be installed directly inside the premises. There are mobile units suitable for installation in the hospital ward or in any other room.

Multi-filter filter

Modern technologies allow to increase the efficiency of cleaning by combining the functions of a filter that charges particles electrostatically and a gas filter containing activated carbon. To this system, ultraviolet radiation may also be added to more effectively destroy viruses or bacteria living in the air and their molecules.

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