Cabins and smoking rooms Ideas for Smoking

Wide assortment of smoking booths. To create a place for smoking, it is enough to order excellent smoking booths from a reliable manufacturer.
Smoking rooms (smoking cabins)

According to the latest data, the number of smokers in our country is one of the largest in the world – for a year, about six billion packs of cigarettes are sold in Ukraine, and this figure is growing year by year. Of course, active smoking does not contribute to good health at all – people who smoke regularly are more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases, including angina pectoris, stomach ulcers and all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. A very serious danger is smoking for the female body – twice as often the pregnancy of smokers ends unfavorably.

The question naturally arises – how to arrange places for smokers so that smoking does not harm the rest of the people at all, nor does it destabilize the work process. The optimal output is the specialized smoking cabin Ideas for Smoking of Athenian company Alfaintek Ltd, which can be installed in virtually any room.

Ideas for Smoking glass models are designed specifically for smokers who can not live without cigarettes even for a short period of time – they are very relevant not only for facilities like bars and restaurants but also suitable for installation at airports and other public places. Thanks to the latest technology, developers have been able to create unique smoking rooms and cabins that will be a great place to smoke in areas where Ukrainian legislation is prohibited from smoking.

The branded smoking cabins Ideas for Smoking are designed to create optimal conditions for smokers, and therefore are equipped with the latest technology – even the smallest probability of spreading tobacco smoke is eliminated, that is, there is no danger of passive smoking for others. The original design and convenience of staying in a smoking cabin from a Finnish manufacturer is due to the thoughtfulness of all nuances, from the autonomous system of ventilation and tightness of space, and finishing with the installation of high-tech air purifiers from smoke.

Particularly significant is the fact that such a place for smoking does not require too much material costs and space – in the shortest possible time you can erect a smoking cabin or a room of the right size, equipped with a cleaner AIRFRESH SВ 420 for a 100% removal of an unpleasant odor from tobacco smoke.

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