Lifa TJ 3G Filter

Filter Lifa TJ 3G is designed mainly for treating contaminants in the environment of the city. It is designed so as to prevent ingress of small particles, volatile organic compounds, ozone and different smells in the room – to maintain clean air. Due to the high quality filtering, it provides a high, but not complete protection against microorganisms. Moreover, it also removes some chemical elements using low pressure steam, such as sarin and mustard gas. However, due to the high toxicity of biological and chemical elements do not use filter Lifa TJ 3G as the only protective filter. It is ideal for use as a pre-filter to filter high clearance, increasing the lifespan of more expensive ULPA filter and a carbon filter.


3G system filter is installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system.

Premises and transport.

Name of product and its installation LIFA TJ 3G 01 LIFA TJ 3G 02 LIFA TJ 3G A
Font (outer) mm 310 * 310 * 600 560 * 310 * 800 600 * 160 * 500
Completing details
Charger 10 W. 10 W. 10 W.
High-voltage 6-10 kV 6-10 kV 6-10 kW / 12 volts
Filter 3G mm particle / activated carbon 305 * 305 * 305 particle / activated carbon 550 * 305 * 375 particle / activated carbon 585 * 150 * 235
Technical information
Maximum air flow 100 l / s 165 l / s 90 l / s
360 m3/ g 594 m3/ g 324 m3/ g
212 CFM 350 CFM 191 CFM
pressure drop 30-60 Pa 25-40 Pa 40 Pa
Filtering particle / gas 99.5% / 95% 99.5% / 95% 99.5% / 95%
Corps Some pipes Some pipes Coating
AM No fan No fan Mobile fan

When the system (LIFA TJ 3G) is used without the charger, then its effectiveness may be reduced. Using a centralized charger needs special instructions from the manufacturer. The system can be installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system or, if necessary, displayed on the roof. The system filtra LIFA TJ 3G no fan. Systems such models run on electricity, including charger. Filtration efficiency was measured on admission particles (> 0.1 mm) and gases. Ultraviolet light can be installed as an additional system to models including a charger.

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