HepaClean 4000

Lifa HepaClean 4000 most commonly used vacuum unit

Maximum air flow without filters 3850 m3 / h
For cleaning the ventilation ducts, collecting dust
For air purification using EU 7-8 filter
To clean the air using two HEPA filters
To create a vacuum in the working compartment
Wide range of filters and accessories included
Transport wheels to facilitate movement
HepaClean 4000 is used to clean the air from dust, asbestos particles, construction dust, etc. The machine can also be used to create negative pressure in rooms.

HepaClean 4000 does not require three-phase power.

Test results showed that using special filters, the HepaClean 4000 provides a very high degree of air purification. The use of Hepa-filters allows you not to remove recycled air outside. With this filter, 99.97% of particles are retained. The machine is suitable for working with asbestos air purification.

HepaClean 4000 is equipped with a special sensor that shows the state of the filter and the need to replace it.

In this negative pressure machine, different filters can be used to obtain the desired result when cleaning.

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