SpecialCleaner 2

Lifa SpecialCleaner 2 is an electric brushing machine for small air ducts and air conditioning systems.

Easy to use
For round and rectangular ducts with a diameter of 70-400 mm
Torque generated by electric motor
Rotational speed 300-600 rpm
Operating voltage 220 V
Rotation control with pneumatic pedals
Pneumatic centering tool included
Flexible coupling for air ducts with a diameter of 70-200 mm
Enclosed in aluminum / plywood case
Lifa SpecialCleaner 2 is traditionally used for minor ventilation cleaning work. The machine is compactly located in a special portable box and can be easily used even by one person.

As a rule, this machine is used for final cleaning of air ducts by specialists of ventilation companies before installation and commissioning. Conducted in Finland, studies have shown that a significant amount of dirt and dust settles on the inside of the ventilation ducts during installation and installation. Lifa SpecialCleaner 2 allows you to solve this problem in the most optimal way.

The length of the shaft can vary from 2 to 20 m. The recommended length of the shaft is 10-12 m. The shaft is attached to the machine using a special adapter.

The direction of rotation of the brush can be changed using a pneumatic foot pedal. Manual control may be available as an accessory. Changing the direction of movement helps to pass corners in the ventilation ducts.

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