CombiCleaner 15

Lifa CombiClean 15 is a pneumatic brushing machine for cleaning air ducts, especially from fat deposits. Designed specifically for use in kitchens and other small rooms.

Torque is created using a compressor with a capacity of 200-340 l / min and a pressure of 7 bar
Adjustable rotational speed 0-500 rpm in both directions
Manual control and control valve
Length of a flexible shaft is 15 meters
Integrated reagent hose and spray nozzle: can also be used to clean filters and disinfect air ducts
Pneumatic centering tool included

Air purge                     



Spraying fluid and disinfectant                                                                               


Spray foam and gel                                                                                                                    


Mine surface coating                                                                                                             


Y-device for cleaning with 2 brushes in rectangular shafts                                 




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