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The company ALFAVENT is the official distributor of Finnish manufacturers Lifa Air Oy and Alfaintek Oy in Ukraine.

Since 1988, Lifa Air has specialized in the production of professional equipment for cleaning and disinfecting ventilation shafts in all types of premises (office buildings, industrial premises, houses and cottages).



Alfaintek is a leading European manufacturer of smoking cabins (smoking rooms) Ideas for Smoking, AIRFRESH tobacco smoke filters, carbon dioxide absorbers for ventilation systems, CO2 absorbers UNIQFRESH, carbon dioxide generators.

The company ALFAVENT carries out dealer supplies of professional cleaning equipment (cleaning equipment) of the Italian company Santoemma to Ukraine.

Santoemma is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment in the world.

The range of Santoemma finds optimum application in the following areas of business:

  • CARPET – professional carpet cleaning.
  • UPHOLSTERY – professional cleaning of soft seats, fabric surfaces.
  • CAR Wash – professional cleaning of cars.
  • FOOD – professional cleaning and sanitation of food industry premises.
  • RESTROOMS – sanitary toilet and bathrooms.

Target Audience for Lifa duct cleaning equipment

  • Air, operating and cleaning companies
  • Companies involved in the elimination of the effects from exposure to mold, fungus, fire, and odors
  • Companies engaged in engineering cleaning
  • Government agencies and institutions
  • The city and municipal enterprises
  • Hospitals
  • Building owners and management companies
  • Leasing companies
  • Our dealers

Mission & Values 

To be a reliable partner, offering products and services of the highest quality to our customers. To be socially responsible employer for employees.

Consistently improving the conditions of labor, enabling the personal and professional growth.


Employees are the Main value of Company. Company provides complete realization and development of employee’s capabilities, professional skills, and also fair reward of results of their labour.

Professionalism is knowledge of the speciality, perfection of professional level.
Permanent development and teaching is a continuous forward movement, creation of conditions for development of talents and capabilities of our employees.

Collaboration is the opened co-operating with shareholders, partners and public organs, arranged work of one team in which everybody is responsible for a general result – success of our Company.
Efficiency is achieving maximal results on condition of the optimum use of human, natural and financial resources.
An innovation is a permanent search and introduction of new products and services, search of the most effective decisions in the field of management a company.

Scientific approach is a deep analysis of administrative, technological, and other tasks on the basis of modern knowledge and experience.

Corporate responsibility

We are responsible:

To shareholders
– for dynamic growth and development of Company
–  for the increase of capitalization of Company
–  for efficiency of our activity
–  for maintenance of the high Company reputation

To employees
–  for providing of deserving standard of living
–  for the grant of possibilities of personal and professional growth
–  for the grant of social guarantees

To users
–  for the grant of high-quality goods and services
–  for the permanent improvement of our products and services
–  for aspiration to follow the changing requirements of users
–  for a grant of reliable information about the products

To business partners
–  for the following ethics principles of Company
–  for timely and exact implementation of conditions of all agreements
–  for a honest competition

To Ukraine and world community
–  for an effective and humane policy in the field of employment
–  for creation of favourable terms of life of future generations


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