CombiCleaner 40

Lifa CombiClean 40 is a pneumatic brushing machine for cleaning air ducts.

For round and rectangular ducts with a diameter of 200-1200 mm
Torque is created using a compressor with a capacity of 300-600 l / min and a pressure of 7 bar
Adjustable rotation speed 0-760 rpm in both directions
Manual control and control valve
Length of flexible shaft 40 meters
Integrated reagent hose and spray nozzle: can also be used to clean filters and disinfect air ducts
Pneumatic centering tool included
This brushing machine has significant cleaning capability. A shaft 40m long allows cleaning up to 75m in any direction from one entry point.

The direction of rotation can be changed using manual control. Changing the direction of rotation allows the user to move the brushes through the bends in the ducts.

The brush can be up to 1200 mm in diameter, while being in the center of the duct due to the clever design of the centering device. The centering device is controlled via a control valve.

Lifa CombiCleaner 40 can also be equipped with video inspection. When cleaning with a machine that is equipped with a video camera, the user can check the efficiency and the result of cleaning, timely see the obstacles and avoid damage to the machine or duct.

The versatility of the CombiCleaner is achieved by the integrated nozzles, which allow the direct application of a spray to clean, disinfect or coat chemicals, while moving the shaft through the ventilation duct. CombiCleaner can be used to clean the mines contaminated with microbes. A low pressure sprayer (accessory) used with the machine is required to supply fluid.

CombiCleaner uses for operation a compressor with a pressure of 7-10 bar and a constant air supply of 300-600 l / m. Single-phase compressors can be used when cleaning channels with a diameter of 700 mm. For cleaning large diameter channels, use three phase compressors.

All Lifa Air brushing machines can clean both round ducts and rectangular sections.

Connecting powerful Lifa vacuum machines, such as the AirClean 8000 or HepaClean 4000, ensures complete removal of all contaminants in the ventilation duct.

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