Customised Accessories

Control panel

25 m control cable
Light level regulator
Video output for a video recorder or laptop

HydCam for Lifa Hydmaster

HydCam is a camcorder for the Hydmaster cleaning machine. Allows you to control the cleaning process.

Built-in miniature color camera
Built-in bright lighting

Lifa DuctTruck for horizontal air ducts

Lifa DuctTruck – a robot with a camera for the study of horizontal air ducts. Easy-guided with a joystick, the robot lets you see everything you need. The results are displayed either on the screen or on the headset’s monitor.

Built-in color camera
Dimensions 150x180x95 mm (with wheels)
For pipes with a minimum size of 200 mm

LifaComb is an accessory for LifaDuctTruck

LifaComb measures the thickness of the mud plaque.

Air flow meter
Measurement of relative humidity
Dust Samples
Displays for gas meter

LifaDrop tube for vertical pipes (for small diameter pipes)

LifaDrop – a color chamber to control the pollution of vertical and horizontal small air ducts. Installed by fastening the cable to the pipe.

Resolution 542 x 582


Joystick (two-handed control)
Joystick (for single-handed control)

Monitor / VCR

Device for viewing and recording.

Monitor / VCR (on wheels)
Dimensions 530x530x780 mm

TFT screen

A small monitor to view the cleaning process.

Production quality
Flat TFT screen
Size 7 ”
Resolution 1440 × 234

Video goggles

A set for hard-to-reach places.

Headphones and monitor
Color image
Weight: 100 g

Video grabber

Device for converting signal from analog to digital.

720 × 576-PAL and 720 × 480-NTSC
USB 2.0 connection

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