AirJet Combi

Lifa AirJet Combi is a pneumatic multi-purpose machine for blowing air or spraying chemicals in air ducts. Ideal for cleaning inaccessible areas for brushes.

Lightweight, shaft length 20 meters
Fiberglass spring and chemical hose inside the shaft
For ducts and ducts from 50 mm
Large selection of nozzles for:
• spraying disinfectants, cleaning agents, channel sealants
• compressed air blow
• jet cleaning
Centering device included
Chemical supply from a separate compressor
Spraying chemicals with low pressure nozzles
Lifa AirJet Combi 20 is specially designed for disinfection and coating on the inside of ventilation ducts. It can also be used to clean the ventilation ducts from dust and light particles of dirt. Lifa AirJet Combi is ideal for work that cannot be done with a traditional brushing machine.

A low pressure sprayer (accessory) is also required for spraying liquids. Lifa AirJet Combi is a pneumatic machine and operates from a single phase compressor.

A significant number of accessories are available for Lifa AirJet Combi, including a variety of air and fluid nozzles, as well as centering nozzles.

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